Latest Show News!

W2 - 8th December 2019 - Results and up to date lists of who has qualified for the foinals are now available under the Results and Finals & Qualifiers Pages.

Please note there are a few changes this winter as follows:-

New Novice level as Intermediate has replaced the old standard height. 

Heights of Jumps will be as new KC heights.

No LHO apart from small dogs can still choose Micro.

IMPORTANT: All Intermediate, Medium & Small dogs to show proof of KC or UKA measurement with entry so can be added to the database when next enter a show. 

If entering Allsorts - there is no need to provide proof of measure but will nee dthis when move into standard classes.

All Intermediate dogs will go back to large on the database at the beginning of winter and will need to show proof of measurement to compete at intermediate height.

Anysize and Veterans now amalgamated and called Allsorts - Veterans age now changed to 9 years and we will run a league in the background for genuine veteran dogs who are not competing in standard classes at other shows and will be invited to attend the summer finals - no need to show measuremenat if competing in these classes as can choose height comepete at. Allsorts can choose any height but large and over 9yrs - (Veterans) can choose Medium, Small or Micro.

New ABC league for Large and Intermediate height dogs - points will be calculated from the 2 morning classes (Agility & Jumping).